Nuestras alumnas de 3º de ESO realmente nos han impresionado con esta excelente presentación sobre:

La India, sus costumbres y tradiciones.

Primero, te mostramos la explicación sobre el trabajo (en inglés) que nos ofrece su profesora; después, su vídeo.

¡No te lo pierdas! Merece mucho la pena.

India: Manners and Etiquette

“While studying Unit 2, the third ESO students enjoyed learning about new customs and traditions, some of them really unusual. The social interaction between different cultures is not that easy, that’s why I asked them to choose a country and deepen in their customs.

The topic of the project was “Manners and Etiquette”, and the TOK question “How could you save yourself from embarrassment while living abroad” made them analise, in groups of 2-4 students, the different good manners and etiquette in some non-European countries.

These two students from 3rdD really impressed me with this excellent presentation.”

Ms Mantolan

“India: Manners and Etiquette”, presentación en inglés de nuestras alumnas de 3º ESO