Hemos celebrado la Semana de la Música en el colegio y, además, lo hemos hecho… ¡en inglés!

semana de la música

We are in the music week, and we are learning a lot!

We started going to the music classroom with Alberto, the primary music teacher, who taught us how to keep the rhythm by clapping. His primary students showed us their skills with the violin, the oboe, the piano, the guitar, the violoncello and more instruments.

Next day, we continued with another workshop, a mum from our school came to our class and we did many things with her including a very fun game in which we had to walk through the class to the rhythm of the music.

The following day another mum came to read us a story and showed us a beautiful song. We learned the song and she accompanied us playing the transverse flute. It was wonderful.

We really enjoyed it.

semana de la música